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UNESCO in the UK

We are the United Kingdom National Commission for UNESCO. We bring United Nations, Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation to the UK


National Value of UNESCO to the United Kingdom

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Memory of the World

The Memory of the World Programme protects the collective memory of the peoples of the world. This archive shows the United Kingdom’s most important memories told through some of its most prized documents, photographs, film, audio, and letters. UNESCO protects these documents as they of vital importance in preserving cultural identities, in bridging the past and the present and in shaping the future.

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World Heritage Sites

From the ancient landscape and monuments of Stonehenge, the Jurassic Coast packed with 150 million years of life, to the lonely island of St Kilda evacuated after four thousand years of human occupation, UNESCO World Heritage Sites tell the unique story of the UK’s contribution to the world. These sites belong to everyone, and it is everyone’s duty to protect them for future generations.


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