Learning Cities

Poverty, inequality, health threats and environmental degradation are just some of the challenges we face. So where do we start tackling these challenges?

We start with people. People need to be equipped to tackle new challenges in their environment and contribute to providing solutions within their society.


Lifelong Learning to Empower and Unlock Potential.

The UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities consists of around 200 cities in 40 countries which are united in their determination to promote lifelong learning and, through it, sustainable development in their cities. UNESCO defines a learning city as a city that: effectively mobilises its resources in every sector to promote inclusive learning from basic to higher education; revitalises learning in families and communities; facilitates learning for and in the workplace; extends the use of modern learning technologies; enhances quality and excellence in learning; and fosters a culture of learning throughout life.


Explore the UK’s UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities.



Geographical Coordinates

53.2424°N 2.5940°W

Belfast believes that Lifelong Learning plays a powerful role in creating a more equal, just and inclusive society. Belfast Learning City is working to raise the aspirations of its citizens, and in particular, those of its citizens that face multiple barriers in accessing learning. Everyone will have a part to play in this city. Over the coming years, it will create a learning culture for the city of Belfast that recognises and values all forms of learning.



Geographical Coordinates

54.3546°N 5.5450°W

Bristol is a great place to learn. Its schools are better than ever and its universities are world-class. However, it is also clear that Bristol is a city of contrasts and not everyone has the same opportunity to learn and prosper. Bristol Learning City wants everyone to be proud to learn throughout their lives, and is committed to creating and promoting learning opportunities for everyone.



Geographical Coordinates

51.3700°N 3.5700°W

When it comes to learning Swansea Learning City does don’t do ‘standing still’; they never have. As a learning city, they have a thirst for continual innovation, research, development and improvement. Swansea Learning City is creating an entrepreneurial culture that develops the regional economy and create a sustainable quality of life for all. Swansea will address barriers to participation, narrow the gap between rich and poor, enhance social cohesion and develop a thriving knowledge economy.



Geographical Coordinates

52.3505°N 2.0740°W

The City of Wolverhampton believes the key to personal, community and regional growth lies in the transformative power of learning to improve prosperity for all – learning of all types, at all levels and for all reasons. Wolverhampton Learning City is putting learning at the heart of its plans for the city to fulfill its citizens aspirations, create a more effective and skilled workforce, and engage adults in learning to improve health and wellbeing.