Expert Network

Our role is to ensure the UK’s experts in culture, education, science, and communication and information are helping to shape and advance the UK’s position at UNESCO and are also fully benefitting from its programmes, values and ideals.

We achieve this through our community of UK-based experts who work with the UK government, UK’s UNESCO designations, UNESCO itself and its Member States. Our Expert Network is made up of Non-Executive Directors, Chairs, and Accredited Experts.

↘     About the Non-Executive Directors

Non-Executive Directors provide expert, independent, pro bono advice for the UK’s National Commission for UNESCO on national and international policy.

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↘     About the Chairs

The UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme is comprised of teams of experts, working at higher education or research institutions, that strive to advance knowledge in specific areas within UNESCO’s thematic strands. They contribute to the building of higher education networks and encourage inter-organisational cooperation across sectors and borders, through an integrated system of research and training, and the dissemination of information and documentation.

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↘     About the Accredited Experts

Accredited experts are closely affiliated with the Commission and sit on either a National or International Committee within their remit. As experienced professionals, they bring a vast range of skills to the table and are crucial in the development and implementation of policy and strategy on the ground.

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What do our experts do?

The UNESCO UK Expert Network provides policy advice and expertise on UNESCO related topics, reviews prizes and more, publish content and represent the UK across the globe.

↘     Policy Advisors

Our experts provide independent policy advice to the UK and devolved governments on UNESCO policies that relate to their area of expertise.

↘     Reviewers

Our experts help to advise and assist individuals & institutions – in both the UK and its’ Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies – on accessing UNESCO accreditation and prizes.

↘     Content Creators

Our experts raise the profile of the UK’s UNESCO designations and projects, and disseminate information on UNESCO’s news, international days, activities and programmes in the UK. 

↘     Representatives

Strengthening the ties between the UK’s educational, academic, scientific, cultural, and artistic communities, and UNESCO’s global programmes and policies, our experts are ambassadors as well as contributors.