The UK National Commission for UNESCO is privileged to work with an ever-growing number of partners who share our commitment to UNESCO’s values in education, science, culture, and communication and information.

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Apply for UNESCO Partnership and the accreditation process

16 December 2020 – London, UK

Last Updated: Dec.2020

Accreditation type: Partnership

This is a rolling application. Make sure you read the information on this page before you apply, and check you fit the requirements.

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Find out what UNESCO Partnership is, what it can bring to you, and read from our network.

The UK National Commission for UNESCO would be delighted to hear from organisations that share our values and would like to work with us to further UNESCO’s mission in the UK. If you  are interested in using the UNESCO logo for your event and not a long-term partnership, we also offer a UNESCO patronage service here

Existing Partnerships:

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Newton Prize 

Illuminated River 

Hard Rain Project 

Goldman Sachs 

Visit Scotland

British Council

Oxford University

Durham University

Newcastle University

🧐 Why Apply?

About Partnership

Find out what UNESCO Partnership is, what it can bring to you, and read from our network.

Partnering with us includes the following benefits:

Create impact

The UNESCO brand is the highest accolade in culture, education, science and communication and information. With a global network of thousands of sites, communities and stakeholders, partnering with us could create meaningful and long-term impact for your organisation.

Proven Track Record

The UK National Commission for UNESCO has a proven and long-term track record of a successful project and partnership delivery with many partners. We also have experience in accreditation processes, prize management, analysis on policy issues, convening power in UK civil society, research skills and research methodologies. We also have a wealth of experience in the operations of UNESCO, the UN system, and civil society in the UK.

Engage with like minds

Expand your profile and broaden your perspectives with the UK National Commission for UNESCO’s network and engage with leading experts, specialists and supporters in education, science, communication, and culture.

🤝 Our Partnership Principles

Make sure you get in touch with the UK National Commission for UNESCO first regarding your application.

Who we partner with 

Partnership should comply with the UNESCO Fundamental Principles of non-discrimination; equality of opportunity and treatment; universal access to education; and principle of solidarity. The National Commission is unable to partner with bodies being wound up or where people representing that company have been convicted of professional misconduct, or grave professional misconduct, or where they have not paid taxes or social security in a country where they are resident or where their representatives or decisions made have been in fraud, corruption, money laundering or any other illegal activity.  

Who can apply? 

Partners can come from many sources. Our list is not exhaustive but includes multilateral, bilateral, national, regional Overseas Territories, and municipal government agencies; commercial bodies; academic and research institutes; non-governmental bodies; crowd sourcing, individuals, legacy bequests and donations; sponsorship; consultancy fees; training events; commercial activities; royalties inter alia.

Express interest

If you are interested in partnering with the UK National Commission for UNESCO, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact us here (contact us details link)

?   This is a rolling application. Begin your application today*

Key Information

Make sure you read the important information below before you apply. You must apply through the UK National Commission for UNESCO. Expressions of interest are welcome.

STATUS:   Ongoing

UK DEADLINE:   Ongoing

FOR WHO:   UK Organisations

ORIGIN:   UK National Commission for UNESCO

🟢  *This accreditation is currently open for application. If you have any questions, get in touch with the UK National Commission for UNESCO via our contact form

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Make sure you have checked you are eligible for this accreditation before applying. Get in touch with us if you have any questions, or visit our FAQ

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Accreditation type: Partnership

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