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The UK government’s Department for International Development provides critical funding for the UNESCO Institute for Statistics and Global Education Monitoring Report.

Recognising the vital role of the UIS in monitoring progress in education around the world and deliver the international Sustainable Development Goal 4 on quality education, the UK government is actively supporting and engaging with the work of the Institute as part of its Better Education Statistics and Global Action to improve learning programme.

The UIS is the go-to-source for global data on the SDG on education, with indicators covering access, completion, learning, equity, teachers and financing.

The highly respected Global Education Monitoring Report aims to inform and influence national and international policies in education and provides on-going analysis on progress towards SDG 4. The UK government is a member of the Advisory Board and is committed to further funding until at least 2024.



“If we want a greener planet, and sustainable futures for all, we must ask more from our education systems than just a transfer of knowledge. We need our schools and lifelong learning programmes to focus on economic, environmental and social perspectives that help nurture empowered, critical, mindful and competent citizens.”

Aaron Benavot, Director of the GEM Report


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