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Our role is to ensure the UK’s experts in culture, education, science, and communication and information are helping to shape and advance the UK’s position at UNESCO and are also fully benefitting from its programmes, values and ideals. We achieve this through our community of UK-based experts💡

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We work with leading UK experts across UNESCO’s principal themes: culture, education, science and communication and information.

Specialists may be called upon to advise on a number of projects within the UK National Commission’s remit. We work especially closely with Accredited Experts and our UNESCO UK Community on LinkedIn.  Members are experienced as researchers, practitioners, policy-innovators and/or community leaders.

We value the contributions of all those who have experience in our broad mandate of education, science, culture and communication and information in a recognised UK local/international body, charity or NGO.

Accredited Expert status is a role with greater responsibility and automatically correlates to UNESCO UK Community-member status, whereas membership of the UNESCO UK Community does not automatically correlate to accreditation.

“Under Article VII of the UNESCO Constitution, each Member State shall make such arrangements as suit its particular conditions for the purpose of associating its principal bodies interested in educational, scientific and cultural matters with the work of the Organisation.”

UNESCO Constitution

Proud to represent you 👇

Here at the UK National Commission for UNESCO, we champion inclusivity and flexibility. We are an independent not-for-profit organisation, supported by grant funding from the UK government.

We pride ourselves on our efforts to ensure that our experts reflect the 🌍 that we live in as they often represent the UK and advocate its priorities at international UNESCO meetings. It is imperative that we draw on the UK’s diverse range of expertise, as we help shape UNESCO’s global policies and programmes whilst exchanging expertise with its 195 Member States.


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Accredited Expert

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The UK National Commission for UNESCO’s accredited experts is closely affiliated with the Commission. This means that they must either be confirmed by HM Government, sit on a UNESCO Board/Committee, hold a UNESCO Chair or be a professional/volunteer with a key stakeholder designation that has UNESCO status.

With such specific expertise, accredited experts might be called upon to co-author policy advice for HM Government, represent the UK on a global platform and/or provide their time to review prize applications pro bono.

The process to become an Accredited Expert is separate from that of joining our UNESCO UK Community on LinkedIn. 

✅ #Requirements

In order to apply to become an ‘Accredited Expert’, you must:

#1 Apply through a seperate application process recognised by the UK Government or UNESCO.
#2 Be one of the following: a UNESCO Chair/UNITWIN Network, Officially represent the United Kingdom on a UNESCO or affiliated intergovernmental committee, a Non-Executive Director for UNESCO, or work for a UNESCO designation or status and have relevant international experience.
#3 Have your status as an ‘accredited expert’ recognised officially by the UK National Commission for UNESCO.

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UNESCO UK Community Member

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UNESCO UK Community members contribute to policy and accreditation work on a more informal basis through the LinkedIn group.

These experts may not have an official policy role with UNESCO or HMG, however, they still contribute to the work of the National Commission via their specialisms, which must be related to our mandate.

We will advertise opportunities to the UNESCO UK Community in order to find expertise related to the current needs of the organisation. Although not exhaustive, this is likely be to find reviewers, policy experts, or groups that can contribute to content on the UKNC website on a pro-bono basis.

Members of the community group are kept abreast of key information/news on UNESCO, as well as sector opportunities, materials created by existing experts and relevant events/activities. Applications to join the group, post and share ideas are monitored by the UKNC for UNESCO via LinkedIn.

Please note that, whilst Accredited Experts are invited to join the UNESCO UK Community (LinkedIn Group), membership of Community does not automatically correlate to becoming an Accredited Expert. 

✅ #Requirements

In order to join the UNESCO UK Community on LinkedIn:

#1 The Expert Community is a Linkedin Group open to all. You should have a number of years of experience in an area relating to UNESCO’s mandate: culture, education, science, or communication and information.

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Meet Our Accredited Experts

“An expert is a human who has made all the mistakes that can be made, in a narrow field.”

Niels Bohr