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Proposed Unesco Global
Monitoring Report, 2013
The UK National Commission’s submission to the consultation

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Proposed Unesco Global Monitoring Report, 2013

JUNE 2013

Each year, UNESCO publishes an Education for All Global Monitoring Report (GMR) reporting on the world’s progress towards achieving the six ‘Education for All’ goals. Each annual report also examines a particular education theme. The identified theme for 2013 is ‘Teaching and learning for development’.

The UNESCO GMR team has produced an overview of the proposed coverage of the 2013 GMR and is consulting on it.

This policy brief seeks to help shape the scope of the thematic section of
the 2013 GMR, with a particular focus on the second part of the theme
‘Teaching and learning for maximum impact’. It concludes that:

The proposed combining of two separate themes ‘equity in education’
and ‘teaching quality’ into a single report do not sit comfortably together.
The focus of the report needs to be sharpened.

There is a lack of connection between the UNESCO Teacher Strategy
and the proposed coverage of the 2013 GMR.

The overview of proposed coverage for the 2013 GMR over-emphasises factors external to teacher and teaching quality, notably curriculum and assessment.

There are significant factors influencing teacher and teaching quality which are omitted which need to be covered in the GMR.

The 2013 GMR should cover the themes relating to teacher and teaching quality included in the UNESCO Teacher Strategy 2012–2015.

The GMR should give much greater focus to the following factors which
influence teacher and teaching quality: Initial teacher education; Continuing professional development; Leadership; and, Teacher status


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