Proposals sought for Local to Global Business Development Consultant


December 2023

The UK National Commission for UNESCO (UKNC) invites proposals from expert consultants in business development to position the organisation for growth. You will join the team working on our ambitious Local to Global project, supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, as we look to build a more resilient network for UNESCO-designated sites in the UK.

We want to be an open and collaborative organisation that can work in partnership with multiple sectors at national and local levels. We would like someone with a fresh perspective to challenge our underlying assumptions, mindsets and thinking, and help us develop a five-year roadmap that can build our capacity and draw in new investment. Using the National Lottery Heritage Fund’s business plan template, we have identified strengths and gaps in our current understanding.

We would therefore like the consultant to:

  1. Fine tune our business plan by bringing together items that are pre-existing or in development, forming one succinct document
  2. Supplement our business plan with a new fundraising market analysis that assesses the opportunities and threats for the UKNC through a feasibility study that contributes to a competitive strategy for our organisation over a five-year period. The results of the fundraising market analysis should also be used to update our risk register and methods of monitoring and evaluation.
  3. Identify further gaps and areas of development in the business plan for the organisation to prioritise beyond this contract.

About UNESCO and the United Kingdom National Commission for UNESCO

UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, is a specialised agency of the United Nations with the mandate to use culture, education, science and communication and information to foster mutual dialogue between countries and people and foster peace.

The UK National Commission for UNESCO (UKNC) was founded in 1947 and is a constitutional part of the UK Government’s membership of UNESCO. It is grant-funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office to provide independent policy advice and support the coordination of policy across the UK Government(s), support the network of UNESCO sites and projects across the UK, and support UNESCO’s global mission to be effective and joined up.


About Local to Global

This role is part of a high-profile UKNC led project: ‘Local to Global’ – made possible with support from The National Lottery Heritage Fund from October 2022 – October 2024.

The UK is home to 45 UNESCO land-based Designated Sites geographically covering 13% of the country and which contain the UK’s most prized cultural and natural heritage. This includes World Heritage sites, Global Geoparks and Biosphere Reserves.

Local to Global is about developing a resilient network for UNESCO Designated Sites in the UK. A more resilient network requires a more resilient National Commission. The selected consultant will come on board at a pivotal time as we consider the legacy of the first two years of the project and prepare to submit further fundraising applications to support this work.


By the end of this contract in August 2024, the organisation will have:

  • All pre-existing items identified in the National Lottery Heritage Fund’s business plan template organised into one succinct document
  • Any incomplete or underdeveloped items in the business plan template highlighted as future areas of development
  • A new fundraising market analysis, informed by, and complementary to, pre-existing content in our business plan. This will be designed and delivered by the Business Development Consultant. The analysis will focus on Pillar Two (“Bring the benefits of UNESCO to UK communities through UNESCO-designated sites”) of our Delivery Framework ** , which is where the Local to Global project sits, and include an appraisal of the culture, heritage, environment, research and social sectors that highlights where specific areas for growth lie.
  • We would like the new fundraising market analysis to feature elements taken from the National Lottery Heritage Fund’s business plan template, namely under heading: “6. Market appraisal and your current approach”. The Business Development Consultant will be focused wholly on our fundraising strategy, as opposed to marketing and comms. The UKNC’s new Communications and Marketing Manager will be simultaneously updating our comms and marketing strategy and the work done by the Business Development Consultant must sit alongside but be separate to this.
  • A 5-year roadmap (developed in collaboration with the business development consultant and core team) for the Local to Global project that outlines the key steps we need to take to build our capacity and draw in new investment. The roadmap will complement the attached 2022-2029 UKNC overall theory of change.

** Please Note: the UKNC Delivery Framework is currently under review – the linked preview document should provide an adequate area of focus for this brief and we will be able to share the full delivery framework with the successful candidate.

We are keen not to take a prescriptive role in defining how the consultant delivers the above but to give prospective candidates a sense of what we’re expecting, some activities could include:

  • Workshops with the core team and project board that challenge our underlying assumptions in our Delivery Framework and Theory of Change and the on-the-ground work of Local to Global
  • Desk research providing an appraisal of our governance, fundraising capacity, current practice, market and competitive analysis for areas of growth
  • Although occasional in-person work may be required (for example, in-person workshops at UKNC’s offices in London), we expect the majority of this commissioned work will be undertaken remotely.

Timeline and contract management

We expect the commissioned Business Development consultant to begin in early February 2024 and to be completed by August 2024. Key dates will be confirmed with the UKNC once in post.

The anticipated budget is £9,000 (including all expenses and VAT). The payment schedule will be structured in the following instalments:

  • 50% February 2024 on recruitment, signing of contract and agreed project plan
  • 25% May 2024 on contract performance review meeting
  • 25% August 2024 upon successful completion of all deliverables, the final review meeting and participation in the project evaluation.

The UKNC’s Project Implementation Manager will manage the Business Development consultant.

Award criteria

We request all prospective applicants submit a CV (two pages max) and a proposal. Proposals should be a maximum of 1,500 words and tell us how you will structure this work by including:

  • Your approach and methodology for undertaking this work
  • Your individual or collective experience in carrying out similar projects
  • Allocation of days and your daily charging rates
  • Your timescale for carrying out this work
  • Overall budget plan

The UKNC will assess proposals against the following points:

  • To what extent does the proposal demonstrate an understanding of the issues and social values related to the project brief
  • To what extent is the methodology set out in the proposal appropriate to the requirements set out in the brief
  • What level of relevant experience and qualifications does the applicant demonstrate to complete the work successfully
  • Overall value for money and financial viability of the quote
  • Additionally, it’s desirable to demonstrate some knowledge of one or more of the following strategic topic areas: third sector and social enterprise, how limited companies in a similar space realise and achieve their potential
  • UNESCO sites bridge the arts/culture/nature divide, so it could be desirable for applicants to demonstrate sector knowledge of culture and heritage as well as the built and natural environment.

Submitting an application

All applications should be submitted to the UKNC Project Implementation Manager, Liam Smyth: [email protected]

Please contact Liam if you would also like an informal conversation about the role before applying

All applications should be received no later than: 5pm on Monday 29 January 2024

Interviews: Tuesday 6 February 2024

The successful applicant will be expected to commence work week commencing Monday 12 February 2024. We are unfortunately unable to provide feedback to applicants who are not selected by our panel for interview.


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