Wester Ross Biosphere shines at SCDI Business Excellence

Wester Ross Biosphere     –    November 25, 2022

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Happy places to visit must first be happy places to live and to work…

Inverness, 15 November 2022 – Wester Ross Biosphere Ltd (WRB) was awarded the Stromar Award for Excellence Natural Capital, Climate Change and Sustainable Communities at the 2022 SCDI (Scottish Council for Development and Industry) Highlands and Islands Business Excellence Awards.

As a business that advocates strongly for community-led approaches to development, this has been a welcome recognition, and they acknowledge the immense contribution from Nature Scot and Highlands and Islands Enterprise, in making it happen.

Wester Ross Biosphere General Manager, Natasha Hutchison: “Sustainability is not an end goal, it is a way of living. Businesses and social enterprises are crucial in making the difference. Whether it is net zero, reversing rural population decline or upskilling our young workforce, communities need to be empowered to create a more equal, social and sustainable world.”

The SCDI award recognises WRB’s efforts to support the economic and environmental sustainability of the communities it serves. Over six years, WRB has pioneered the concept of social acceptability, research and collaboration in the region, firmly affirming Wester Ross on the national and world map.

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