For Women in Science: the Statistics

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Less than one in three researchers are women.

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Jobs in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are the jobs of tomorrow, yet today less than one in three researchers in the world are women.

A myriad of studies confirm that gender diversity in the workplace increases productivity dramatically, yet women scientists hold only 11% of senior research roles in Europe. Stereotypes perpetuate gender inequality in the access to scientific study and careers. If we consider education, globally only 32% of those with a degree in undergraduate science are women. Of those women, only 30% have a master’s degree and 25% have a doctorate degree. Looking closer to home, in the UK and Ireland women only make up 24% of STEM workers and 13% of STEM management.

Women scientists are leading groundbreaking research across the world, but a lack of representation, recognition and opportunity have been a source of great concern.

Working in the physical sciences, formal sciences and life sciences across five different continents, the eminent researchers that we support are changing the future by acting as role models for younger generations of girls who want to pursue a scientific career and shatter the glass ceiling.

“According to the National Science Board, women of colour comprise only 5% of the current science and engineering workforce in the US”

Women of Colour in STEM Blog, Maryville University


“The L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Awards opens the door for more diversity”

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