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Our website is going on a journey, and we want you in the UK to be part of it. Our new website will bring together our extraordinary World Heritage Sites, Global Geoparks, Biosphere Reserves and Creative Cities that cover 12% of the UK. It will show their news, event and initiatives, and chances for you to engage and be involved.

Building on the National Value of UNESCO to the UK programme, it will show how these sites can work together to make a real difference to communities and our cultural and natural heritage.

Interested in partnering with us, or applying for prizes? Our website will bring all the latest initiatives and prizes you can apply for as a UK Citizen, Charity or organisation.

What is more, the website will show UK experts who are working in culture, education, science and communications around the globe to solve some of the complex challenges of our times.

Please keep checking back over the next 3 weeks.


Discover the digital future of UNESCO in the UK

We will be rolling out key sections of the UNESCO UK site in the next 3 weeks, providing to the public and our key stakeholders a modern digital platform. Discover below our future sections and services. ?

?   Programmes Our Programmes
?   Programmes Culture
?   Programmes Science
?   Programmes Education
?️   Programmes Communication & Information
⚖️   Programmes Our Framework
?   Programmes Our Policy Advice
?‍?   Programmes UNESCO’s UK Expert Network
?   Projects Sustainability
?   Programmes Actions & Initiatives

?   Engage How to #Engage with us
?   Engage Our Prizes
?   Engage Sponsorship
?   Engage Patronage
?‍?‍?   Engage Our Partners and Projects

?   Sites Our Sites
⛩   Sites World Heritage Sites
?   Sites Global Geoparks
?   Sites Biosphere Reserves
?   Sites Creative Cities
✏️   Sites Learning Cities
?   Projects Memory of the World

?   What’s On News & Events from across our Network

?   About Our History
?   About The UKNC’s Role
?‍♀️   About Meet the Board
?   About An innovative #FAQ 


‘Culture has a fundamental role to play in rising to the challenges of our century. In the face of global fractures, and the paralysis of some institutional platforms, it is a common language that breaks down barriers’

UNESCO Director-General, Audrey Azoulay, at Culture Ministers Forum, November 2019


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