UNESCO UK launch eco-travel series

UNESCO UK  –   24 JAN 2020

UNESCO UK has partnered with Beyond Your World (BYW) to create a sustainable travel show.

The series offers unique access to UNESCO World Heritage sites in an environmental travelogue made for the climate change generation.

The pilot episode, A Green Weekend on the Jurassic Coast, is the first in a series focusing on the UK’s most significant cultural and natural sites.

The first Green Weekend takes place along the ancient stretch of coastline that forms England’s only natural World Heritage site. The young team kayak beneath the crumbling cliffs, roam the mysterious Holloways and camp out under the stars between the fossils and the cowpats.

Shunting planes for trains and apartment rents for folding tents, the team set out to make eco-conscious travel fun and affordable. Watch the Green Weekend on the Jurassic Coast on YouTube.

David Urban, Founder and Director, described Beyond Your World as ‘a travel series with a conscience. We take the viewer on a tour around the most beautiful and significant sites in the UK, exploring themes of sustainability, adventure and travel as education, promoting a more responsible form of tourism.’


Secretary-General and Chief Executive, UK National Commission for UNESCO

"UNESCO’s mission is to contribute to the building of peace among people and nations by building understanding and connections. Travel can contribute to this goal. Beyond Your World contributes though a travelogue that combines a hobby, with a cause that many are passionate about. The relationship between travel and the environment is of course complex, for example, can the travel industry grow and still be sustainable? If through travel ideas and stories, you can inspire others to have simpler, more enjoyable and affordable holidays with a positive impact, then this Green Weekend deserves to be the first of many."


Chief Executive Officer, Responsible Travel

"I loved the Green Weekend on the Jurassic Coast because I wanted to go. You presented responsible tourism in a simple, relatable, more enjoyable form of travel. We need to debunk the idea that it sounds hard or complicated, and you did that beautifully."


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