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The ‘L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Awards’ opens the door for greater diversity through three interlinked programmes.

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We provide grants to exceptional post-doctoral researchers in order to celebrate their work and promote gender equity within STEM.


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Why do we need the “For Women in Science Awards”? Advancing science, combatting gender inequalities in the field, and promoting diversity

Science is critical to help tackle many of the complex trials facing humanity. Faced with challenges such as the acceleration of new technologies, ageing populations and climate change’s threat to biodiversity, rigorous exploration through research is constantly evolving. Encompassing such a diverse range of disciplines, this science touches all corners of the globe.

UNESCO believes that people must remain at the heart of the decisions concerning their own lives. With the recent increase in the disconnect between science and public opinion, ‘public understanding and participation in science must be improved, and sustainable development must be incorporated in our teaching and learning methods to allow every human being to … shape a sustainable future’ (UNESCO – advancing the sciences). As we hurtle towards this increasingly uncertain future, the global scientific community must therefore lose no time in recognising and promoting women scientists’ achievements. UNESCO and L’Oréal believe that these women researchers will have a major impact on society and lay the foundations for the future.

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“It is inconceivable that we should deprive ourselves of half of humanity’s talents”

Chairman and CEO of L’Oréal, Jean-Paul Agon, in Paris, France


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